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McCarthy Family Law, PLLC


Why Choose McCarthy Family Law?

McCarthy Family Law, a Tucson-based family law firm, is Southern Arizona’s largest legal firm dedicated to the practice of family law. As our client, you can rely on our team of compassionate, highly skilled and trained professionals. We turn stress into solutions.

Each family law case is different because every person’s situation is different. We give personal attention to your individual circumstances, and our high standards never waver.

Home of The McCarthy Law Firm

Whether you’re entering into a prenuptial or cohabitation agreement, establishing paternity or a parenting plan, seeking a legal separation, divorce or annulment, or financial support, contact McCarthy Family Law. Your professional legal and support team, founded by Kathleen McCarthy, has the diversity, depth and specialized knowledge to customize solutions to all of your family law needs.

Our Family Law Firm's Practice Areas

Understanding Arizona statutes relating to Family Law can be daunting to anyone facing a change in marital status. The team at McCarthy Family Law are on top of any changes or issues that can affect your situation. Below are a few of the more common family law topics in which we have deep expertise. Visit our Practice Area below for a more comprehensive look at our legal services.

Divorce and Legal Separation
Dissolution of Marriage, aka Divorce, Legal Separation and Annulment. These all mean one thing: your marriage is coming to an end. We know that there are many reasons for the decision to end a marriage. The objective is to handle it the best way for your particular situation.  Although the Court's role is defined, your personal outcome is not. We discuss all of your options and advise you from day one - from preparation to filing a petition. More
Business Valuation
Placing a dollar value on the family business is a complex process. Most appraisers use 3 methods: book value, market value and income. Plus, under Arizona law, you must treat the business as an ongoing concern. Contact us to be sure your business house is in order prior to filing a petition for divorce.  More
Community and Separate Property Issues
Resolving property issues, community or separate, can be a messy, intricate process. Real estate, businesses, and financial accounts must all be considered. The Court can mix and match approaches to resolution. We protect your interests to assure the best possible property division outcomes.  More
Children in Divorce or Paternity Matters
When parents divorce, the first thought is how to protect and support their children. Children benefit from good parenting plans and financial support that clearly address parenting time, decision-making and financial stability. We help assure that happens. More
Juvenile Law
Whether you are an individual or married couple choosing to grow your family through a private adoption, a stepparent wishing to legally adopt your spouse’s child, or a relative, kinship, or foster placement desiring to adopt a child involved in a termination of parental rights matter, McCarthy Family Law will walk you through the legal adoption process with the goal of giving that child his or her “forever family.” More
Spousal Support (Alimony)
Arizona law refers to spousal support as Spousal Maintenance. And there are almost as many ways to qualify for spousal support as there are to figure out how much you’ll receive. Our family law firm has handled hundreds of cases on spousal maintenance with excellent outcomes. Learn why we should help you with yours. More
Prenuptial & Cohabitation Agreements
Prenups and cohabitation agreements spell out how or if you will share in your partner's assets. It's also the perfect opportunity to make critical decisions about your future together. Contact us about a custom crafted agreement that protects you and helps define your financial relationship.  More
Orders of Protection
Better known as a restraining order, this court-issued order is a very powerful tool when you face actual violence or threats of violence within a family relationship. To shield you properly, an Order of Protection needs to include all threat events and related details. We can help assure it does. More

Our family law firm's promise to you:

Our overriding mission is to Turn Stress Into Solutions®. We will guide you through your family law situation. No matter how worried or stressed you are, rest assured that we will guide you through every step of your family law situation. We will be your voice until you rediscover your own. We will be there with clarity, calm and certainty in a protected and safe environment.

Tucson's Trusted Family Law Firm

Since 1976
Founded by Kathleen A. McCarthy

Selected to:
  • Super Lawyers: 2007 - present
  • Best Lawyers of America (1975)
  • American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers
  • AAML Certified Family Law Arbitrator
  • State Bar of Arizona – Board of Legal Specialization - Family Law

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