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It is our pleasure to announce that Kathleen McCarthy has been designated as a Certified Arbitrator by the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers (AAML)*. This gives McCarthy Family Law one more tool to help you Turn Stress into Solutions®.

Kathleen is the only active certified family law specialist in Southern Arizona who is an AAML Certified Arbitrator. In addition to over 44 years of family law practice, Kathleen has studied, analyzed and presented on every Arizona family law case for decades. In addition, Kathleen has extensive experience handling cases involving business structures and valuation. She uses her unparalleled expertise to absorb the unique facts of your family law case, apply the law and can give you an efficient and just resolution through arbitration. Arbitration offers speed, autonomy, privacy and cost advantages for all parties (Link to Why Arbitration).

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*The AAML is a professional organization of over 1,500 family lawyers, located in every one of the 50 states as well as internationally. Members must pass rigorous testing and peer review to join.

Kathleen McCarthy, Founder