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Divorce & Dividing Property

Arizona is a community property state. This means that the Court must divide community property equally, unless there is a really good and compelling reason. …

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Pima County Family Court Meets – and Delivers – COVID 19

How technology, triaging, and time management is transforming your family court experience in the age of COVID. The most useless purchase of 2019 – a …

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Military Deployment & Divorce

Resolving parenting disputes can be complicated. But it can get even more so if a parent is an active military service member. For one thing, …

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Struggling with Your Kids Being Back in School? Part 1

YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Alright fellow parents, time to wave the white flag and leave the battlefield that is the “Mommy Wars” (or “Daddy Wars” …

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Domestic Violence Awareness During COVID-19

October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month. What was initially a prediction has now been confirmed as a reality – domestic violence (sometimes referred to …

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International Child Abduction

Most child abductions involve one parent who has absconded with the child. This is a horrific nightmare for any parent, but especially if the abducting …

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Kids See Color but Don’t Have to Create Biases

Everyone can see the color of people’s skin. The years of “we don’t see color” are long behind us, both academically and practically. According to …

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Flexible and Accessible Mental Health Resources in a COVID World

The pandemic presses on. Along with it, finances and the capacity to juggle are being stressed to the breaking point. Interpersonal relationships are suffering. Some …

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Putative Father’s Registry

A single night of romance can provide the gift that keeps on giving. For unmarried men who want to be involved with the care and …

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