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Family Business Valuation

Deciding the value of a family business in a divorce defies the certainty of a “ones and zeros” calculation. The only true certainty is that an appraisal will be costly and disruptive – the appraisal depends on the appraiser being a “seer,” who divines the future. Recent events make appraisals even more uncertain. The appraisal … Read more

Josh Andelora Has Joined Our Firm as a Litigation Coach

We are pleased to announce that attorney Josh Andelora has joined our Firm as a Litigation Coach! To our knowledge, we are one of the few family law firms in the nation that offer this kind of service. Josh enjoys helping other’s navigate themselves and the world we live in. Prior to joining our team … Read more

Holly Edwards Joins McCarthy Family Law

We are pleased to announce that attorney Holly Edwards has joined our Firm! Holly brings with her over 16 years of family law experience. She is licensed in both Arizona and California, and is a proud spouse of a military combat veteran who served in the U.S. Marine Corps for over twenty-one years. This has … Read more

Legal Decision-Making and Vaccines

COVID is stressful and contentious enough. But when separated or divorcing parents have disagreements over vaccinating their children or sending them to school, it can be all out war. Although COVID is a recent phenomenon, disagreements about medical decisions for children has a long legal history. As recently as 2018, the Arizona Supreme Court defined … Read more

Minimizing Conflict with Parallel Parenting

If you have shared child custody with an ex, you probably know the term “co-parenting.” Co-parenting is almost always recommended by the Courts as being in the best interests of the minor child. However, what if your ex is a narcissist or otherwise emotionally abusive? What if despite your best efforts to co-parent with your … Read more

Conciliation Court and You

Did you know the Pima County Superior Court offers free counseling services to help keep your marriage intact and to help you with parenting issues? There is no need to file for a divorce first. Not only that, the Conciliation Court is staffed with really well trained professionals. Plus, for now at least, it offers … Read more

Why Arbitration?

Most people who find themselves in family court want a resolution as soon as possible. Since the pandemic hit, it has caused longer delays between filing and final resolution. In response, more and more people are looking for ways to bypass the court process. One way around this is to agree to private arbitration. There … Read more