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Children, Anxiety and COVID-19

Kayt’s Kids Corner

Kayt has been with McCarthy Family Law since 2011, her law clerk days, and has been practicing law since December of 2013. Her emphasis is business valuation and other complex financial matters related to family law cases. Kayt has a young son and is always interested in the intersections between parenting, being a working parent, and family law. She hopes you enjoy and find this Kids Corner information useful!

Anxiety can be crushing and kids are not immune! Whether it is COVID-19, a divorce or parenting dispute, children can be impacted by stress and anxiety.

If you’re lucky like me, your child is too young to know what’s going on with coronavirus but some of you may have kids with different levels of understanding. There are lots of resources and tips out there for how to talk to your children about COVID-19 (one example is the New York Times parenting section on Instagram – which is free).

There are also some lovely kids’ books out there to help kids cope with anxiety and stress. Check out Slumberkins Alpaca book on anxiety, which talks to kids about sharing their load of worries with a favorite stuffed animal. Slumberkins also has some wonderful free resources to help your kids work through their feelings.

Another great book to read with your kids to explain sheltering at home is “The Little Blue Truck”, which is a story about friendship and helping others in need. 

Link to Slumberkins Alpaca book:

Link to Slumberlinks free resources:

Link to Little Blue Truck:

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