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COVID-19 and Family Cases in Pima County Superior Court

As of 3/25/20

Q: Is the court open?

A: Yes, but the law library is closed (access is available online).

Q: Will COVID-19 affect my ability to get a hearing?

A: Yes. All “non-essential” hearings and trials have been postponed until at least April 17, 2020. If you had a court hearing between now and April 17, it is likely to be rescheduled, but check with the court to confirm. Between now and April 17, the court is still handling orders of protection (and challenges to them), and Rule 48 petitions for emergency temporary orders without notice.

Q: Can I still file a new petition for divorce, paternity, or custody?

A: Yes. 

Q: If I have a court hearing, do I need to attend in person?

A: As much as possible, and without infringing due process rights, the court is trying to have people appear by phone for family court hearings.

Q: What if I have a court-ordered settlement conference, or an appointment with conciliation court?

A: Those are also taking place by phone or video conference.

For more information, visit The Pima County Superior Court website.

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