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COVID-19 and Family Law Cases in Pima County Superior Court

How is COVID-19 Affecting My Family Law Case?

(Updates: COVID-19 and Family Law Cases in Pima County Superior Court) 
(As of 06/11/20)

Pima County Family Court continues to have a limited schedule. No trials are being held right now, until at least July 1, 2020.

  • Hearings on some types of motions are being postponed indefinitely.
  • The court will hold hearings for some matters including:
    • Orders of Protection;
    • Expedited process requests to enforce parenting time or legal decision-making;
    • Rule 47 pre-decree motions for parenting time, legal decision-making, or support – but only if no temporary orders have been entered;
    • Petitions and motions relating to school choice for a minor child;
    • Any other matter as the Court may deem appropriate or necessary.
  • All hearings will by phone unless the court orders otherwise. The court can grant requests for in-person hearings (motions must be made in writing ahead of time). However, “Any person intending to be present at a court proceeding who has been diagnosed with COVID-19, has exposure to COVID-19, or has symptoms of COVID-1” must appear by phone.
  • Masks are required in court for everyone.

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