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COVID-19 & Increased Screen Time for Kids

Kayt’s Kids Corner

Kayt has been with The McCarthy Law Firm since 2011, her law clerk days, and has been practicing law since December of 2013. Her emphasis is business valuation and other complex financial matters related to family law cases. Kayt has a young son and is always interested in the intersections between parenting, being a working parent, and family law. She hopes you enjoy and find this Kids Corner information useful!

Are you running out of unique home crafting ideas and special learning tools for your kids each day? Have you given your kids more screen time? It’s ok to be in survival mode You are NOT alone! You are still a good parent. 

If you are like me, on top of all of the other pressure of these strange times, there is also lots of pressure to make sure you are providing the best educational and interactive care for your children at home— while also working and taking care for your normal household responsibilities. What I have come to, and I hope you have too, is that this is a time to be compassionate to yourself. It is ok to bend so you don’t break. 

Here is what Emily Oster, famed author on pregnancy and parenting, says about screen time: “If the alternative use of an hour for most families is not in highly enriching parent engagement, television may be just fine.” Check out her article, “‘Screen Time’ for Kids is Probably Fine”.

Here is an additional article to check out regarding screen time:

The Underlying Messages That Screen-Time Recommendations Send Parents

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