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Financial Issues In Divorce, A Client Handbook

As a divorce lawyer, I am always looking for ways to help my clients reduce their stress about is typically a highly stressful process. Education about the process is helpful. Knowledge about your options is critical! A lot of what is out there on the internet is either wrong, does not apply to your situation or does not track Arizona law. I am constantly preparing articles and reviewing books and other educational materials for the most informative, readable and current information possible.

If you are thinking about divorce or separation from your partner and want to know more about your options and to reduce your attorneys’ fees (who doesn’t?), this book is for you. Financial Issues In Divorce, A Client Handbook is a terrific guide to understanding the financial fundamentals that can be issues in a divorce or separation. The American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyer, whose membership includes the highest quality family lawyers from across the country, produced this top quality manual in conjunction with author, Heather Locus, a Certified Public accountant and Certified Divorce Financial Analyst. It is chock full of practical tips and forms to help you consider whether you even want a divorce. It covers how to hire a lawyer and gives you tips on deciding what you want, staying organized, preparing for meetings, negotiating an optimum settlement and so much more!

For more information about this valuable resource and other practical guidance, check out our other blogs. This blog, Minimize Fees, Maximize Results: A Lawyer’s Guide to a Cost-Effective Divorce, should be particularly helpful.

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