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Flexible and Accessible Mental Health Resources in a COVID World

The pandemic presses on. Along with it, finances and the capacity to juggle are being stressed to the breaking point. Interpersonal relationships are suffering. Some families find themselves in a constant pressure cooker. Domestic violence is up and divorce filings are skyrocketing. Many are experiencing feelings of anxiety and depression for the first time, and may not know where to turn. Be assured that it’s okay to seek help.

With social distancing precautions in mind, mental health service providers are finding ways to make their resources accessible while protecting the health and safety of both the provider and the client. Here is a comprehensive list of mental health resources available in Pima County:

Arizona’s centralized hotline:
Arizona has a centralized phone hotline and website with listings for mental health, substance abuse, and other social service resources called 2-1-1 Arizona Information and Referral Service. Live phone operator service is available in English and Spanish 24/7, 365 days a year. You can either call 2-1-1 within Arizona, 1-877- 211-8661 from anywhere, or access their website and phone applications.

Pima County Health Department:
Pima County’s Health Department also has a dedicated behavioral health section on its website listing free or low cost mental health resources throughout the county.

Telehealth services:
Not feeling comfortable seeing a provider in person yet, or simply don’t have the time between working remotely and monitoring your kids’ online schooling? Secure telehealth services by phone, video application, or even text message is an excellent option to get the mental health treatment you need from the comfort of your home. Learn more about teletherapy, including the pros and cons.

  1. It may make sense to choose a local provider who provides telehealth services during the pandemic in hopes that in-person sessions will be an option long-term. Learn more about some local teletherapy providers in Pima County.
  2. If you need on-demand mental health services to accommodate your busy schedule, health considerations, or transportation needs, these National Teletherapy Services may be the best option for you:
    Better Help , Talk Space

Alternatives to counseling and medication:
Besides counseling and medications, some people are turning to other therapeutic alternatives to navigate their mental health during the pandemic: meditation, adopting or fostering pets, increasing exercise, improving their diet, or taking up a new hobby such as gardening.

  1. Animal therapy: See how some Tucsonans are coping through adopting and fostering dogs and cats.
  2. Guided meditation: Here is more information about the practice and benefits of guided meditation.
  3. Gardening: Gardening and tending to plants can help ease anxiety and bring relaxation. From vegetable gardens to fairy gardens, see how this pastime can be a great therapeutic outlet for adults and children alike:
    5 Ways Plants Can Help You Relax, Gardening May Help Relieve Anxiety, Keep Kids Busy, Enchanting DIY Fairy Garden Ideas
  4. Yoga: Studies on yoga have shown that the practice can reduce the impact of exaggerated stress responses often associated with anxiety and depression. Yoga can help reduce heart rate, lower blood pressure, and slow down rapid breathing. Check out these articles about the benefits of yoga for mental health here and links to online yoga classes: Yoga for Anxiety and Depression, Yoga for Anxiety and Stress, 5 Ways Yoga Can Benefit Your Health, Yoga and Meditation Classes to Relieve Stress About the Coronavirus, Yoga on Gaia
  5. Acupuncture: Originating in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practices, acupuncture has increasingly become more mainstream worldwide to treat not only pain, but trauma, anxiety, substance abuse recovery, and other mental health conditions. See more about it’s widespread applications and benefits here: Traditional Chinese Medicine as a Basis for Treating Psychiatric Disorders, Using Acupuncture for Panic Disorder, Acupuncture for Depression, The NADA Protocol

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