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Health Journeys

Health Journeys

As you know, our goal at McCarthy Family Law is to turn stress into solutions, which is why we are so excited about our recent partnership with Health Journeys! From this partnership, we are able to provide you with a new offering to add to your toolkit in hopes it will help you step away from the fast paced rhythm we often move to.

We believe the benefits of guided imagery can help us achieve this goal. When you are hoping for some restorative time for yourself, we invite you to explore this list of offerings and try some out. If any resonate with you, feel free to revisit them and listen before going to court, before a stressful parenting time exchange, or whenever you feel the need to take some time for yourself.


Review the hand-picked offerings at our personalized Health Journeys page.

Contact us today to find out what other tools we can offer you as you navigate your family law case.

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