Meet the Team

Meet The McCarthy Law Firm Team

The family law attorneys you will work with at The McCarthy Law Firm provide a broad range of legal services to guide you through the process of divorce or legal separation. You’ll have the full benefit of combined legal knowledge at your disposal. Since the founding partner, Kathleen McCarthy, began her Tucson family law practice in 1976, the focus has been on your needs. Every team member participates in a rigorous, ongoing training program with Kathleen. 

We are highly skilled and resourceful, compassionate and specially trained. We are your family law legal team.

Kathleen A. McCarthy

Kathleen earned her Law Degree with Honors from the University of Arizona in 1976. She immediately waded headlong into the risky yet exciting process of opening her own practice which today is called The McCarthy Law Firm.

Early in her career, Kathleen learned legal services are only part of what her clients need. They also desperately needed a process to help them heal from the deeply personal and disruptive emotional turmoil that led them to divorce. Seeing this, she has examined how lawyers can help facilitate this healing by maintaining a laser focus on their client’s needs, showing a willingness to truly listen and inform without judgment, and being responsive to these needs. The unexpected outcome? The lawyer experiences healing, too. Witnessing the healing process in action spurred Kathleen to create a series of stress relief seminars for lawyers.

Kathleen McCarthy, Founder

Fellow, American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers

Randi Burnett

Randi L. Burnett

In 2004, Randi, an Arizona native, armed with an undergraduate degree in business management, enrolled in law school. Although her initial goal was to practice corporate law, she dramatically changed her career goals after taking family law classes in law school. Randi has practiced family law exclusively since receiving her J.D. in 2007. Her practice includes a broad range of family law matters, including divorce, separation, same-sex issues, jurisdiction, custody, grandparent visitation, minor child guardianship, child support, spousal maintenance and paternity matters. 

Megan C. Hill

A former prosecutor for the Pima County Attorney’s Office, Megan now practices exclusively in family law. She’s especially passionate about spousal maintenance cases. Because she helps clients with complex assets, Megan is experienced in working with business valuations, division and asset tracking. She is also a strong advocate for children’s concerns in the divorce process.

scott simonson

Scott Simonson

Scott has been with The McCarthy Law Firm since 2016.  Before joining The McCarthy Law Firm, he worked as a commercial litigator, handling business and real estate matters. He’s been voted one of the top pro bono attorneys in Arizona, 2014 and Southern Arizona Legal Aid co-volunteer lawyer of the year, 2018. 

Edina Strum Certified Family Law Specialist

Edina Strum

Tucson native Edina Strum has been with The McCarthy Law Firm since 2009 and is a Certified Family Law Specialist. She’s known since childhood that she would be an attorney, and her care and concern for children and families led her to specialize in Family Law. Edina’s goal in her legal practice is to help families move through the re-arranging of their family dynamics with as much grace and dignity as possible, with a focus on the best outcomes for the children

Kayt Yrun-Duffy

Kaytlyn Yrun-Duffy

A born and raised Tucsonan, Kayt has been with The McCarthy Law Firm since 2011, her law clerk days. Her emphasis is business valuation and other complex financial matters related to family law cases. You’ll always see a smile on Kayt’s face. Her outgoing aspect and warmth are part of her ability to de-escalate conflict. She has a passion and real skill for helping people reach a reasonable resolution with minimal antagonism.

R. Douglas Zirkle

Doug has been with The McCarthy Law Firm since 2012. He is a longtime member of the State Bar of Arizona’s Domestic Relations and Real Property Section. Doug offers deep experience with settlement conferences, hearings and trials in Domestic Relations and Civil cases. He is a certified Arbitrator, Mediator, and Special Master for them.