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Saying ‘I do’ to a Prenuptial Agreement

Never marry anyone you wouldn’t want to divorce.

—Nora Ephron

Marriage involves one of the biggest contracts of a lifetime, but most people never stop to consider the contractual ramifications; nor do they want to. After all, they are head over heels in love, having fallen into that mysterious brew of wonder, magic, excitement and happy brain chemicals. The very mention of a prenuptial agreement can feel like a harsh splash of cold water, or worse.

However, a prenuptial agreement can hold significant benefits for both parties. If nothing else, it is a fabulous litmus test of your and your beloved’s communication skills under stress. Read more

This article is inspired and sourced from Kathleen McCarthy’s February 2017 Brief Encounters article, as published in Tucson’s Desert Leaf magazine.

This post is intended to highlight just certain portions of the Arizona Rules of Family Law Procedure. It is not intended to substitute for professional legal advice on your specific case. The McCarthy Law Firm is a family law firm; however please check with your personal family law attorney for advice specific to your case. Or you can contact our office to speak to one of our family law attorneys to discuss how these rules may impact your specific case.

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