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Running and Valuing the Family Business in a Divorce

Divorcing spouses have special duties of loyalty to each other, which also applies to any assets in which they have a common interest.  Observing these duties are particularly critical if you own a business, but especially a small business. The CARES Act loan adds a new layer of complexity to divorce cases. Here’s what you should discuss … Read more

Spousal Maintenance During the COVID-19 Crisis

Many of you have either lost your jobs of suffered a reduction in income due to COVID-19. In addition to all of your other obligations and stressors, you may also owe spousal maintenance (alimony) to your former spouse. If it is modifiable (as opposed to non-modifiable) you may have the ability to reduce it, but … Read more

Spousal Support in Arizona

Spousal support (alimony) is money paid by one spouse to the other in order to assist the recipient spouse achieve financial independence, if possible, and to recognize the recipient’s contributions to the marriage. It is not meant as a “parting gift” or “reparations” or a “good sport award” to reward a spouse for enduring a … Read more