Tying Up Your Divorce Agreement With a Nice Tight Bow

Peace is that glorious moment in history when everyone stops to reload.

—Thomas Jefferson

Congratulations!? By settling, you have just exerted some control over the madness of divorce litigation. But to avoid having your agreement be just a momentary blip of peace between battles, make sure it is tightly crafted.

When it comes to interpreting agreements, the law can be a harsh mistress, with restrictions that tie the hands of common sense. A promise to pay support has lots of built-in remedies: contempt citation, 10 percent interest, jail, fines, and loss of licenses. A promise to pay for property equalization has no such protections. Read more

This article is inspired and sourced from Kathleen McCarthy’s November 2017 Brief Encounters article, as published in Tucson’s Desert Leaf magazine.

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