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Working from Home with Kids during COVID-19

Being a parent just got harder!

Now, rather than “just” working a full-time job and caring for your child outside of those hours, you are a full-time employee and full-time stay at home parent all at the same time. Everyone at McCarthy Family Law is working hard at turning stress into solutions. We are a full service family law firm and are here to assist you as we find solutions to these unique stressors. We are regularly updating our website and Facebook page with articles and suggestions, including how the court is responding to parenting issues.

Some of our attorneys are working from home with their children full-time and can relate. Kayt’s tip is to handle this difficult time with humor. When something difficult happens with your new co-worker (aka your child/ren) rephrase what happened as, “My coworker…” Kayt’s co-worker is teething, just screamed throughout a conference call, and then threw a tiny plastic man across the room.

What has your new co-worker done? Please see the links below to some articles that Kayt has read on this topic that might be helpful for you:

Parents (online): How to Master Working From Home—While Under Quarantine With Kids

The New York Times (online): How to Work From Home With Children

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